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Tricia Thompson designed my beautiful office space. Everyone that comes in comments how wonderful it is, and I agree. It was an easy process. We set up the initial consultation then she e-mailed pictures of items that she felt would work in the space and in my budget. Once I decided that I liked these items as well, I purchased them and she came back and put it all together. The whole experience was easy, convenient, and in my budget. Thank you again for my special place to work in. It makes me happy every day.

Thank you, Kim

    No more ugly e-mails!! No more unauthorized e-mails! YEAAA!
    Thanks Bob, you did a great job!
    Nancy Gottshall, Let’s Go! Travel
    Our vacations always start out on such a positive note knowing that all the details have been taken care of. We will definitely come back for help on scheduling all of our future travel needs.
    Don & Tammy
    Jeff Higgs and his crew at AAA Carpet Cleaning have been cleaning our carpets for over a year now. They always arrive on time, do a great job and leave us as very happy customers.
    To anyone looking for reasonably priced, tasteful and professional home design and decorating guidance, go to Tricia Thompson Interior Design. She transformed our 1960s clunker into a lovely Western-themed home. Tricia immediately grasps what you are trying to accomplish and offers beautiful suggestions that are totally unique without being weird. She’s a joy to work with and tireless in her efforts to find the right design match. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


  • I knew I needed help with my closets – probably only a stick of dynamite would work. I had clothes that didn’t fit, were years out of date, thus I always felt overwhelmed when I needed to get dressed. I couldn’t find anything, especially that would fit and look good. I have a horrible time getting rid of anything – I might need that someday! I heard that Tricia Thompson did closet makeovers and I knew this was the answer to my disaster. Tricia went through all my clothes one at a time and helped me thin down my wardrobe dramatically – it was difficult for me and I even shed some tears. Tricia was kind and always positive – she gave me hugs and support throughout. She never passed judgment on the ridiculous condition of my closets. However, once we were done, I had 16 garbage bags full of clothes to donate or take to consignment. There was a burden lifted off my heart and mind that I didn’t realize was there. She then put together outfits with most of what I had left. Now I go to my closet and look at an outfit and I am ready to go! The FREEDOM is amazing and something I never knew I needed. I have room in my closets – lots of room. Tricia even taught me some things about fashion, accessories and more. I feel reborn with my wardrobe – and none of it is new – except in its freshness to me! Thank you Tricia Thompson Designs for giving me back a sense of worth and not feeling overwhelmed anymore when I need to get dressed. What a gift I gave to myself when I asked Tricia into my closets! Trish Russell Skincare Consultant & Anti-Aging Specialist
  • Since joining PROS, I have not only gained clients, but more importantly gained knowledge in business topics that help improve my business and my standing in the community as a business owner. The support of these professionals is invaluable and the weekly meetings keep me on my toes! Linda Schooley, Let’s Go! Travel
  • Over the last two years, I can attribute approximately 10% of my production to PROS referrals.  When I mentioned this to my manager, she was surprised and said ‘that is a REALLY good referral group you are involved in! Vivian Griswold, Academy Mortgage