Benefits of Membership

The Professional Referral Organization of Sonora (P.R.O.S.) is a collection of working professionals, entrepreneurs, and trades people who organized into a prosperous and energetic referral group for their mutual benefit, as well as the community that they represent. Started some twenty years ago as a different named group, P.R.O.S. has evolved into a business group that puts business first and keeps in mind the community in which it operates by exchanging personal as well as outside referrals to each other to maximize and expand our business reach.

In P.R.O.S., there is the hands-on experience of members who truly like and care about helping other members both new and senior who, although they might be experienced in their own field, now have a broader-based pool of experience to draw from. In today’s ever quickening pace of business, it is getting more challenging all the time to keep up with integrating a small business with the rules, regulations, codes, insurances, accounting and myriad technological aspects. Being able to call upon active, qualified, and motivated professionals that are expert and vetted in multiple  fields is truly a wonderful resource to have.

In today’s P.R.O.S., we have a low fee/ high return organization based on participation of membership referrals and experience not found on a personal level at five times the cost. In years past, we have invested in young Tuolumne County entrepreneurs by the establishment of a scholarship fund that stands ready to help the business community’s youth to thrive in our county. Exposure on social media through P.R.O.S. has boosted our members to new levels of success whether an established business or a newer one, a few years old. We have inside as well as outside speakers to address our members weekly, and also use member business critiques to help brainstorm new ideas that aren’t always obvious.

By joining P.R.O.S. you will benefit from:

  • Word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Qualified referrals.
  • Instant networking from business associates.
  • A professional listing on the P.R.O.S. website.
  • Inclusion in group promotions.
  • Your own self-managed page on the PROS website.
Interested in joining?

Interested in joining?


Or call us at (209) 782-0515.

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