Feel Good…Smell Good…Naturally Good…

Deco Soap Co. began its humble start in August of 2015. I had wanted to make soap that I could really enjoy; and at the same time, was actually good for my (older) skin.

I spent so much time reading books, researching oils and butters, skin conditioners and additives that were natural and had healing properties. I must have spent every night, hour after hour, researching essential oils and their benefits; until my husband (bless him), told me to stop reading – and start doing! So, that is exactly what I did!

I started small, just a little batch here and there, tested it out on family members and friends, I wanted to make sure I had the recipes perfect!  One day my husband asked me if I could make more soap and sell it in our retail shop. Needless to say, it took off and now I have customers from all over that come into the shop and ask what’s “new” on the shelves.

It has been a blessing – and I love creating new bubbly creations each and everyday!

Deco Products are always made by hand using only natural oils, creamy butters, dried botanicals and natural additives.  We produce our products in small batches in order to maintain the integrity of our products.

Deco Soap Co. Mission Statement

Our mission is to hand make soap and body products; that are made from the most natural raw ingredients, that not only feel good, but that they smell good, and are actually good for your skin.