Gary Johnson is a portrait and landscape photographer, who lives in Sonora, California.  Gary makes portraits of individuals and groups both inside his studio and on location.  Gary has the amazing ability to bring out the best in his clients as they are being photographed.

As a former science teacher, Gary first became interested in cameras when he taught black and white film photography to his students.  “I loved to see their amazement as an image appeared on photographic paper from a chemical soup in the darkroom.”

Gary photographs family portraits at beautiful locations around Tuolumne and Calaveras County and children and pets in his portrait studio in Sonora.  Gary also photographs “business portraits” for an individual’s website and social media pages.  Gary meets with all of his clients before the actual photo shoot to make sure their needs are met.

Besides doing portrait work, Gary has a vast collection of beautiful landscape photos. “Landscape photography allows me to interact with nature as I try to find an amazing composition with the best lighting and apply all of the technical knowledge and creative skills that I possess.”  If you go to Gary’s website at and click on the “Landscape Art” button you can view and purchase his beautiful creations.

Please contact Gary at 209-536-1760 to discuss your photography needs.