Business referral groups have been around for many, many years. Some are “international” and some are local “home grown” organizations. Some thrive with the right structure, leaders, members, and member participation, while others sputter out and die. In the case of PROS, the original group who had the vision, collaboration, and determination was just two people. Those two original collaborators were Kerry Worden (a mortgage broker) and Barry Starr (an insurance man), or so we have been informed by one of the first members of the group, Dr. Lisa Gehl, a Chiropractor. After Kerry and Barry contacted a couple of others that had been members of other referral organizations, they decided to form a new group. With a very lenient, common sense set of by-laws, and a real-world realization of what businesses are faced with here in the foothills, PROS began.

Professional Referral Organization of Sonora, formed and began meeting as a legitimate referral group in the year 2000 and has continued on to this day. The group experienced an initial slow growth in membership in the early years, but now has grown with many new eligible and energized members who have been voted into PROS membership. The quality and quantity of the leads is predicated on the amount of enthusiasm and participation of those involved at any given time. A “referral group” will never be any better than the sum total of its members and the participation and energy level that they share with one another. We are fortunate to have an energized group who genuinely cares about promoting each others businesses.

If you feel you are a person of good business standards and ethics, and have been running a high quality business for at least 2 years, PROS is for you. If you would like to associate with, as well as contribute to businesses of the same caliber, and earn referrals from such individuals and businesses, we would love to meet you. To start the process, please contact one of the businesses on this website and ask to be sponsored at your initial meeting, or contact the group directly by clicking on the “Benefits of Membership” under the “Join Us” drop-down and fill out the attached form. After attending two consecutive meeting and being interviewed by our membership committee, the PROS members will welcome you into our organization.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are looking forward to meeting you to do business with one of our fine members, or for you to become a member and join our growing ranks. Either way, you are guaranteed to be treated with respect and professionalism by each and every one of our members.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us — Professional Referral Organization of Sonora.

If you are interest in joining us contact one of our members or use the following form.

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