Member Standards

The mission of PROS is to gather qualified and motivated local professionals of high standards and good reputation for the exchange of solid business referrals.

Those standards are the core of our organization and the key to our success. Sometimes referred to as “business ethics,” we expect our members to uphold these guidelines:


As a business owner, the product/service you provide should be one that you would want to purchase or use yourself. High quality in a business’ own product is essential for fellow PROS members to refer the business to others with confidence.

Customer Service

Phone calls and emails should be returned within 24 hours, if possible. It is appropriate to make outside referrals when a business owner is too busy to conduct business in a timely manner. Conduct business with integrity includes using professional language when speaking of your competition.


  1. We recognize that every communication is part of our marketing, for our self and for PROS. We seek to maintain positive relationships throughout the community.
  2. Honesty and integrity are keystones of the PROS standards of doing business.